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Vintesa opera in: piemonte, toscana, sicilia, alto adige e Friuli venezia Giulia

Luigi, Franz, Valeria, Giorgio, Marina, Laura, Renate, Valentina, Hayo



Who is Vintesa:

Vintesa is a self-managed company run by small to medium sized Italian wineries, who share a similar philosophy in wine making as well as their business objectives.  The project was born in 2004 in order to cope with the difficulties of the global market, by sharing the costs of promotion and marketing in order to be more competitive.

By sharing these costs and time consuming projects they are able to spend more time  personally following work in the vineyards, and all stages of the winemaking giving rise to local and sustainable wines, whose reflect the personality of the winemaker and have a soul and character that make them unique and amazing.

Our goal is to communicate our passion and the territory as well as the human value and sustainability that is behind each of our wines.


Why is a convenient project:

The prices charged are the same directly from each producer, and are offered an array of services designed specifically for the customer. For every order you can choose from a wide range of products from North to South of Italy, without quantitative restrictions, all managed through a single invoice and one shipment. The sales office is based in Neive, near Alba, where they managed all the logistics and contacts. The Vintesa also provides a central store in the Turin area, where the wines are stored and prepared  for the groupage, quickly made available for delivery.

What we offer you:

All wineries are well established and historical. All the products  are produced naturally, with organic certification, and many work also biodynamic. But the most important thing is the high quality of each one , for this quoted by the most illustrious magazines.






 Consorzio Vintesa Italian Wines
 Sede Operativa: Via Zocco, 2 - 12052 Neive (CN) Telefono/Fax +39 0173 566412 - info@vintesa.it